"Everytime I kiss you it's like shaking the devils hand"

Early 2015 the Belgian Rock & Soul artist “SHTEVIL” was born.


He wanted to create the kind of music that was hard to find these days. Making something that reminded people of "Classic Rock" like Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Bruce Springsteen, Grand Funk Railroad but also give it that Marvin Gaye, Al Green "Soul". 


He didn't want it to turn out as a retro band. It needed to be something that sounded like it was made today but still had the fire and soul like the old school stuff had. Being a songwriter for other people for many years taught him about the rules to write a "Hit record". But with "SHTEVIL" he threw everything overboard. The right feel was king.


SHTEVIL released 3 singles leading up to his debut album “STUNG”. Those singles have been very well received on Italian radio; "On Fire" went to number 1 in the Virgin Radio top 20 and the track was used by them in a National TV advertising campaign. The other singles also reached Top 20 spots on Virgin Radio & Radio Freccia. Also adding airplay in Switzerland and Germany.


After successfully playing a number of European shows backing the singles, he is now set to promote his first full length album “STUNG”.


“STUNG” channels the spirit of Classic Rock and Soul delivered with punch.



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