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Shtevil is a Belgian heavy roots driven rock artist.

In 2015 he released 3 singles leading up to his debut album “STUNG”.  "On Fire" went to number 1 in the Virgin Radio top 20 and 

the track was used by TV-programs in multiple European countries.  The other singles also reached Top 20 spots on “Virgin 

Radio & Radio Freccia”, also adding airplay in Switzerland and Germany.  October 2020 saw the release of follow up EP 

“Thank You”, featuring the critically acclaimed single “Who I Am” and sizeable European and UK airplay.


The success of these singles led to a number of European shows as a blistering power-trio reminiscent of those raw 70’s rock 

acts. SHTEVIL puts on a show designed to stir emotions through their grounded and no-frills musical delivery.  Their rock is 

unique, very rich in blues and soulful in nature. 

In 2023 will see the release a new double EP and his most personal work to date.



“Shtevil is one of the most inspirational solo artists we’ve heard in years.” (Rock Lifestyle UK magazine)


“SHTEVIL has now just delivered a blistering new EP, Thank You, which unleashes five killer cuts of contemporary Classic Rock laced with soul and armed with a modern-day delivery.” (Maximum Volume Music)

"The Thank You EP is one of those stomps which just make you feel good and the world seem brighter than it is; the kind of treat and fun we all need." (Ringmaster)

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